The Houston County Public Works Department has worked with Ocmulgee, Inc. on a variety of projects covering a broad range of engineering, environmental, and surveying services. These projects included various drainage and roadway improvements, site plan design, and hydrology studies. In addition to their engineering services needed on these projects, they also performed surveying and construction stakeout, as well as wetland delineation and construction administration.

I have always been very pleased with Ocmulgee, Inc.’s consistency and quality of work. They are direct and reliable in their design approach and have the ability to use problem-solving skills and creativity to achieve the project objective. Ocmulgee, Inc. has always showed the expertise and professionalism needed to tackle our design needs and I would recommend them for anyone seeking their services.

Brian Jones, Houston County Engineer

The Houston County Board of Educations has had a sustained building program for the last 15 years. In that time, the square footage of our schools doubled to over four million square feet. Ocmulgee, Inc. has played an instrumental role in the success of these building programs.

Ocmulgee, Inc.’s firm has been our predominant civil engineer or surveying firm on the majority of our projects. Most recently, they served as both surveying firm and civil engineer on the Freedom Field stadium project. Of the various design professionals we have used, their plans and details are far superior in clarity and scope compared to others. Many of our contractors have commented as such.

Ocmulgee, Inc. has served us well by listening to our needs and expectations, and delivering with a product that reflects their attention to detail. They truly want what is best for the customer. I would recommend their services to any owner that is in need of a civil engineer or surveyor.

Scott Hill, Director of Facilities at the Houston County Board of Education

I have been involved with the development of many neighborhoods throughout Houston County. I am impressed with Ocmulgee, Inc.’s engineering and surveying services, their attention to detail, and pleasant customer service.  Ocmulgee, Inc. handles our projects in a timely and professional manner.  Their ability to think outside-the-box has allowed for difficult projects to remain within the parameters of our projected cost.

Mark Byrd, Developer

From the beginning, Ocmulgee, Inc. has provided us with the highest level of professionalism and service. In an age where cutting corners and offering minimal service seems to be the standard among service providers, Ocmulgee, Inc. has clearly differentiated themselves. We appreciate their attention to detail and their dedication to their profession. Working with Ocmulgee, Inc. has become predictable in the very best sense of the word. We can always count on them.

Michael Turner, Heart of Georgia Landscaping